Hand in hand with ek_panelMaker.mel, ek_placeGreeb is a script designed to help with spaceship construction, but it can do quite a bit more. Basically, it uses Maya's Geometry and Normal constraints to snap an object to the center of a single face on another object. The user can then slide the object around the surface of the target object. When finished, the user can delete the normal and geometry constraints.


This script allows you to stick chosen geometry to a surface based on face selection.

1. Select a face on the surface of your object.

2. Shift-select an object/greeble.

3. Click the 'Place Greeble' button. The second object should snap to the first and its Y axis should point away from the face. Move the topmost group node to slide the greeble along the surface

of the object.

4. When the object is positioned the way you want it, press the 'Disconnect Greeble' button. Now to move it out from the surface, move the greeble along the Y axis.

To conform the object to a curves surface:

1. Select the object/greeble

2. Shift select the surface.

3. Press the 'Add Applique' button. There will be a poly plane between the object and the surface. Edit it to change the shape of the object.

4. When you are finished, make sure the object 'ApplWrap_BBx' is selected

5. Press the 'Delete Applique' button.

NOTE: There can only be one Applique'd object in the scene at any given time.

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