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Animation Demo Reel 2022

This reel represents work that I've done for exhibition in festivals as well as a healthy sampling of work I've produced as examples for my modeling, animation and rendering classes. NOTE: Most of these clips have been accelerated in editing for pacing purposes.


Reel Breakdown:

Nicodemus-The final "Kitty Doll" assignment for my intro MART 261 3D Modeling and Design class.

Steam Head Assembly-This is rendered in Fusion as an example for my MART 363 Animation Rendering class.

Space Fighter-This was both an example for the Hard Surface Modeling assignment for my MART 362 Animation Production class, and it was a test bed for my ek_panelMaker and ek_placeGreeble MEL scripts which I made available to my students.

Surprise-An example produced for the Character Bust modeling/sculpting assignment in my MART 362 Animation
Production class.

Cuttlefish Class Destroyer-Same as Space Fighter. See a painted 3D print of this model here.

Khopesh-A example of Historical Recreation for my FVA 462 Advanced Animation class. Students were to model and texture an object visualizing how it might look new vs. how it might appear today.

Steam Head Assembly-This is rendered in Maya/Arnold as an example for my MART 363 Animation Rendering class.

Baptist Healthcare Nassau, South and Downtown campuses-These were models/renders I created as maps for brochures used by those Baptist Hospitals.

Mavis: Tired Walk Cycle-Produced for a Game Cycle assignment in MART 362 Animation Production class. I created the Mavis rig several years ago for use in all my animation classes.

datastreamimagination:emergence vignette-from my animation datastreamimagination. See the animation here.

Claudine Walk-Claudine is a character I developed for my intro MART 262 Basic Computer Animation class where I teach first year animation students as well as non-animation students wishing to fill their University Fine Arts requirement with a rigorous introduction into 3D animation. This particular animation is the example I produced while demonstrating how to create a walk cycle and then have the character move forward.

Pip the Sea Turtle-This and the vignettes that follow are excerpts from the animation I created in collaboration with Dr. Andy Oellette of our Marine Biology department. I modeled, rigged, animated and rendered the 2D character in Maya and created further animation and effects in After Effects. I worked from the script narration which had been completed previously and illustrated the life cycle of the sea turtle. You can see the full animation here.

datastreamimagination:wave-Another vignette from my most recent animation. I drew heavily for inspiration from the works of William Kentridge and some from Jake Fried, but the entire animation was drawn in Photoshop using "natural media" brushes and textures against a scanned colored paper background.

Lathe of God: molten metal-A quick cut from Lathe of God, a seven minute experimental animation created in Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects, Photoshop and Premier. See the full animation here.

Claudine Mocap-Another example for my MART 262 Basic Computer Animation class. I used it as an optional extra-credit type of assignment as I have just recently begun to integrate mocap into our classes. See my blog post about it here.

datastreamimagination:skeleton-Another vignette from the animation.

Pip the Sea Turtle: dodging Grouper-One of the threats to immature sea turtles as they swim to the relative safety of sargassum seaweed are predatory fish such as grouper and sharks. 

Claudine Skip-Another example from my Basic Animation class.

Pip the Sea Turtle: nest emergence-A group of young pips dig their way out of the nest. Individual pips animated in Maya, composited in After Effects.

Lathe of God: the Lathe-Another vignette from Lathe of God.

Claudine Sneak-Another example from Basic class. The latter half of the semester sees students completing five second walk, run, skip, strut and sneak cycles two of which they animate moving forward.

Pip the Sea Turtle: race to the sea-Illustrates how immature sea turtles move to the sea at night.

datastreamimagination:eye dart-A self portrait blinking and breaking the fourth wall.

City Flythrough-I created this example for my FVA 462 Advanced Animation class as an example of creating god rays using volumetric fog in Arnold.

Lathe of God: particle fall-I animated the particle effects and instancing in completely in Maya, the molten metal and all textures were rendered in Mental Ray.

Courage:the Immortals-This vignette is from Courage, which I created in collaboration with Dr. Dennis Vincent of our Music department as part of a larger live performance. Courage was projected as a backdrop to what was going on on stage. This particular segment depicted the Spartans fighting/defending against the assault of the immortals. To realize this piece, I used particle instancing and animated goals and collisions in Maya. See the whole work here.

datastreamimagination:eclipse-this was drawn entirely on twos in Photoshop.

Lathe of God: cutter-Another use of particles as sparks.

datastreamimagination:cel division-I drew a single cel dividing on twos and rendered the video with a transparent background from Photoshop. I brought the video back into Photoshop and repeated it rotating and scaling it to get the multiple division effect.

Courage:the Immortals redux-The blood spatters were animated cards in Maya.

datastreamimagination:eclipse to eye to blink-This climax of datastreamimagination is not accelerated (it works great with Kevin MacLeod's background music) . It stands as an example of "hand rendered effects" in Photoshop.

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