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FVA 260 3D Modeling Example Reel


1280 x 720

Maya, Mental Ray, 3D Coat, abAutoRig.mel


FVA 260 3D Modeling and Design Example Reel Breakdown
Play to watch or play within Vimeo by clicking on the Vimeo icon. (Hint: in Vimeo, clicking on the time code automatically takes you to that time in the video!)


Mavis Character Model 

4205 faces unsmoothed 14725 smoothed
Software Used: Autodesk Maya 2013
3DCoat-Sculpting and Texture Painting
Rigged in Maya using Supercrumbly’s abAutoRig MEL script (available at + Blendshapes in Maya.
Rendered in Maya Mental Ray with Final Gathering
Example character produced for my Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Computer Animation classes.


Inuit Whale Eagle Dish

3194 faces
Software Used: Sculpting, Retopology and Texture painting 3D Coat
Rendering: Maya using Final Gathering.
Sculpted as a class demonstration for learning 3DCoat.



All NURBS model
Modeled in Maya 7.0
Vehicle created in NURBS as a NURBS modeling example for the book Mastering Maya 7. Textured with image map and procedural texture maps within Maya.


Lucky Helicopter Toy

Faces unknown
Modeled in Maya 7.0
Class example project for learning modeling in Maya.


Lift Animation

iBrau character designed, modeled, sculpted, rigged and animated by me (and abAutoRig!) in Maya 2013. Also used python script (written by Paolo Domincini.
Texture painting in 3DCoat.
Lift Animation for my Intermediate Computer Animation class.

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