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Lathe of God


1280 x 720

Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects, Premier Pro


While lying in a hospital bed suffering from multiple pulmonary emboli, I reflected on the nature of this life and our role in it. I began modeling on the grinders that make up the opening several minutes of the work. We are forged in the fires, smelters and forges of life to what end?

I modeled and animated he assets for this animation in Maya and rendered it in Mental Ray over the spring and summer of 2012. Dr. Dennis Vincent composed and realized the music electronically specifically for this animation.

Technical Details:

Lathe of God is a 7 minute and 47 second animation that I animated using Autodesk’s Maya software. I created all models within Maya and rendered all the scenes using Mental Ray. I edited textures in Adobe Photoshop.

I composited the rendered frames and assembled the final edit in Adobe After Effects. Dr. Dennis Vincent composed the music in the Sebelius music editing package.

This animation has appeared in the CitrusCel Animation Festival in Jacksonville, Florida as well as the Blue Plum Animation festival in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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